Before you begin your workday, make a few quick checks to be sure your tractor and implements are in good operating condition.

⇒ Walk around machine, check for loose, broken, missing, or damage parts. Have everything put in good repair.
⇒ Make certain all safety devices are in place.
⇒ Check tractor & implement for leaks.
⇒ Make certain tractor and attachments are properly installed. Be sure the tractor & implement PTO RPM rating match.
⇒ If your tractor has a manual transmission and attaching an implement that require run off the PTO, you MUST have an over-run clutch (slip clutch). Note: Tractor should be park on level surface.
⇒ Check transmission-hydraulic system oil level to make sure the transmission oil is up to the required level by using the dipstick or check bolt. Note: Tractor should be park on level surface.
⇒ Check front axle oil level (4WD model only).
⇒ Check coolant level (Antifreeze). Add more if required. Make certain there is no leak, coolant system & radiator cap must hold 12 lbs or more. (If there is a leak in the coolant system, it will cause serious damage or over heat to the engine.)
⇒ Check Fuel level.
⇒ Check air intake connections to make sure there is no leak.
⇒ Check the tires for cuts, bulges and correct pressure.


⇒ NEVER start engine while standing on ground.
⇒ Check fuel shut-off valve.
⇒ Place power shift lever, range shift lever in neutral position.
⇒ Place PTO shift lever in neutral position.
⇒ Place hydraulic control lever in lower position.
⇒ Push or pull throttle lever to the maximum speed position. As soon as engine starts, push or pull throttle about halfway or little less halfway back. DO NOT RUN A COLD ENGINE AT FULL THROTTLE.
⇒ Do not operate starter more than 10 seconds at a time. If engine does not start, wait at least one minute before trying again.
⇒ Check indicator lamps as soon as engine starts. If lamps do not go out, stop the engine and determine the cause.
⇒ Operate engine at approximately 1500 rpm for five minutes. Do not accelerate or apply a load until engine warm up.
⇒ During the cold weather. Do not use starting fluid (Ether) in the engine.
⇒ Pre-heat:

For Japanese tractors

⇒ Turn key counter clockwise and hold it there 10-30 seconds, then turn key clockwise to start engine.


⇒ Change air filter (air intake) every 400 hours. This does not always apply because it’ll depend on the environment and use. If it is dusty environment, you should clean air filter more often and replace as needed.
⇒ Check engine oil and other fluids every 5-10 hours. Add more if required.
⇒ Check transmission-hydraulic oil level every 40-50 hours. Add more if required.
⇒ Change transmission-hydraulic oil every 300 hours.
⇒ Clean transmission-hydraulic oil filter (Mesh Type) every 300 hours.
⇒ Replace transmission-hydraulic oil filter (Cartridge Type) every 300 hours.
⇒ Change engine oil & replace engine oil filter every 100 hours.
⇒ Clean crankcase breather tube every 400 hours.
⇒ Check front axle gear oil (Front Drive Model) every 50 hours
⇒ Change front axle gear oil (Front Drive Model) every 300 hours
⇒ Lubricate grease fittings:

◊ Front axle center pin every 10 hours
◊ All others every 40-50 hours

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